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What is Real Love

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Love is an intense feeling. It is played on two sides, and even it is a bond of two people. We do everything in love no matter what are you doing, but you should not show arrogance because one misunderstanding shatters all build relationships. Love teaches you how to live life well and how to make relationships and know what is real love in a relationship.

There are 5 ways to know what is real love in a relationship and how you can make your relationship happy

  1. Feel special:-  You should do that work which you had never done before and made your beloved feel special about how important you are in their life. Don’t do that work which your beloved does not like and create a moment of is life
  2. Do not ignore:You should not ignore your beloved because ignorance creates misunderstanding and misunderstanding create quarrel, and after that, the relationship reaches the end point. So be patient and don’t do like that; otherwise, it will not take time to break the not ignore someone who loves you
  3. Make favorite dishes:– When anyone sees their favorite dishes, then automatically bad mood covert into a good mood, so you can try this step to show your love and make favorite dishes for your beloved. You should make sure that your beloved likes the recipe which you are preparing for them.Make favorite dishes for partner
  4. Listen to each and every talk to them:– When you listen to every conversation, this is a sign of a good relationship and your bond. No need to hurt your beloved because a relationship takes too much time to make, so be careful.listen each other
  5. Do not hide anything:– If you want to make your relationship for a long time,then no need to protect anything because it would be unfortunate if any hidden thing were found from outside.Do not hide any thing to your partner


                      What is the reason behind the break up?

Trust is essential to maintain the relationship because if you will not trust each other, then how can you make your relationship for a long time. Sometimes this situation breaks the entire journey which you spent together

So here we will discuss the top 5 reasons, why a breakup in the relationships:-

Backbite:-  This is the significant cause of breakup the relationships because sometimes you discuss your talk to another person who is not believable that’s time you face many problems in your life. Your relationship reaches the point of breakup. So it would help, if you shared your any challenge to your lover instead of another person.Ignore backbite

Anger:- Anger shatters the entire relationships because, in anger, your mind stops working, and you also hurt yourself. Because of violence, your relationship cannot stand for a long time. When your rage is calm, you realize how big a mistake you have made and by then it is too late.

Anger towards your partner


Lack of Communication:– Whenever you will not communicate with your partner, how can he/she understand your problem. So to make your relationship, you should talk to each and everything to your partner. Communication is the best way to solve any matter.communication of each other can save relationship

Bad habits:-  Bad habits break relationships. To maintain the relationship, you have to leave bad habits. Otherwise, this will be very harmful to your relations.Avoide bad habbits


Negativity:– No one likes negative people. Sometimes negativity creates misunderstanding in the relationships, and you cannot be safe your relation long. This negativity leads your relationship to a breakup.Negtivity in the relationship


                                         Love in all relationships


Love is the backbone of every relationship; it’s a beautiful word which is not only shown between the boyfriends or girlfriends but also shows among all relationships. All relations are crucial for everyone’s life so you cannot neglect other connections, like your Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, and even friends are also included in this category. Here are some special tips, which can you use and show your love in respective relations:-

  • Special Birthday Wishes
  • Plan for trip
  • Surprise party
  • Surprise gift
  • Decorate the room
  • Give them promise
  • Collection of old memory
  • Give your precise time
  • Avoid device
  • Show your love on social sites

















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